Dr. Lyndon McGill

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Fulfilling Relationship


Don't be fooled by the title!


This is not a book about finding a mate. The Mating Game: What Every Woman Should Know is an informative and penetrating view into the male-female dynamic, revealing the hidden motives for both instinctual and intentional behavior that either draws a man and woman together or drives them apart. Discover why a Paleo approach to your relationship is the key to a stronger bond and greater fulfillment. Learn the four basic urges (the 4 "F"s) that motivate human behavior and how to use them strategically to increase harmony and intimacy.


"A groundbreaking new perspective on the world’s oldest game. Should be required reading for all women—and men!"   Marcia Sims, MSW


"This fascinating guide to keeping relationships alive and healthy has all the briskness of a live workshop. A casual peruse through the book is mighty enlightening."  

Carol Wright, NAPRA Journal

"Well written and researched. Filled with insights and perspectives that are stimulating and thought provoking."  (Gordon Fultz, psychologist)

"...rates high as required reading material for every woman and man, whatever his or her current relationship involvement."  (Sheila Grams, The Leading Edge Review)

"Excellent book! Cuts right through to the heart of the matter."  (Cynthia Wall, author)

"...full of common sense and reliable advice...practical and honest, as well as direct." (Curtis Casewit, Mature Life)

About Dr. mcgill

Dr. Lyndon McGill, founder of the popular Mating Game Seminars. has worked with over 10,000 men and women in various stages of physical and emotional disarray since beginning his private chiropractic practice in Salem, Oregon in 1978. Dr. McGill has been a facilitator of various support groups for both men and women, and has lectured extensively on male-female communication, personal health and fitness, and stress management. He has been interviewed on more than 60 radio and television programs around the U.S. and has taught workshops for The Learning Annex. Parties interested in sponsoring one of his seminars can contact him at:


The Mating Game Seminars

P.O. Box 12037

Salem, Oregon 97309

Or call (503) 931-1315.